MT/XWNRA Microtuft

MT/XWNRA Microtuft
Material & Colour: White nylon
Ø mm: 2.0
Trim mm: 3.5 mm
Total length: 23.5 mm
Shank: RA
Packaging size: 100 pcs

Specially designed for polishing and cleaning of areas with restricted access such as cavities, fissures and the edges of the gumline, in and around braces and implants etc. This product can be used with or without polishing paste.

With light pressure the bristles spread themselves and can even reach under the gumline. Microtuft brushes are designed for slow speeds to clean before bonding fillings, inlays, onlays and crowns. Use with a disinfectant or prophy paste.

Dentists regularly need to clean in the smallest and confined spaces. Efficient cleaning is often difficult or even impossible with conventional brushes.

We have designed a new minibrush specifically for this task: the Microtuft! The working tuft is narrower than the shank so it is easy to reach all the previously impossible small and confined areas. The Microtuft is manufactured with nylon bristles and can be used with or without STODDARD Prophy paste.

Also available in the SMART range.




Category: Prophylaxis
Sub-Category: Nylon brushes