PRA002 Smart Prophy polisher, latex free (6 web)

PRA002 Smart range polisher, medium
Material: Medical grade synthetic polymer
Color: Purple
Stiffness: Medium
Shank: RA
Packaging size: 100 pcs

You can now choose the stiffness of the polisher that best suits your specific requirements to clean stains caused by coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine, etc. These new coloured prophy polishers are manufactured in 3 types of medical grade synthetic polymer. They are designed for use with STODDARD prophy polishing paste.

Latex allergy is a medical term for a range of allergic reactions to proteins found in natural rubber latex. Due to the widespread use of latex products in healthcare and medical devices, latex allergy presents a significant healthcare problem. It is estimated that approximately 8% of the global population is sensitive to latex. The risk of a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction by a patient in the surgery has been deemed to be sufficiently high to replace all latex surgical products with synthetic alternatives.

Category: Prophylaxis
Sub-Category: Polishers