Original prophy polishers right angle w. skirt – latex free 

The special medical grade of synthetic polymer is ideal for cleaning and polishing of natural teeth, gold and amalgam fillings. Available as snap-on, screw type and right angle, they are perfect for removing plaque and stains and are vibration free for patient comfort. 

Latex allergy is a medical term for a range of allergic reactions to proteins found in natural rubber latex. Due to the widespread use of latex products in healthcare and medical devices, latex allergy presents a significant healthcare problem. It is estimated that approximately 8% of the global population is sensitive to latex. The risk of a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction by a patient in the surgery has been deemed to be sufficiently high to 

MATERIAL: Medical grade synthetic polymer - latex free 
SHANK: Snap-on
MAX RPM. 10,000
PACKAGE: 100 pcs.